Uvas restaurant where style and fine cuisine catches you! We offer a variety of international food and wine selection.

Our commitment is to give our customers European flavors, fine dining along side international premium wines to satisfy the most complex palates while retaining the best prices in Miami.

Duber and Karim cordially invite you to taste their Food and Drink specials to make you one of their preferred customers.

Uvas restaurant is a place directed to patrons with delicate taste and an exquisite palate significantly knowledgeable of fine cuisine that have the capability of being tasters of gourmet talents and to be able to savor different levels of flavor, quality and finest quality in certain foods and wines from a variety of dishes and wines from a Mediterranean gourmet style.

Uvas is conveniently located in Dade County, Miami, Florida on US 1 also known as Biscayne Blvd on the corner of 69th Street. It is surrounded by historical buildings from the 1920’s decade which were constructed on a German international style known as Bauhaus. Influenced by the Mediterranean coast of Spain, France, Italy, and north of Africa. It is found in the historic district of Miami which was named after the movement known as Miami modern architecture (MIMO) easily distinguished from a series of times of the 50’s surrounded by restaurants and modern motels in the mid-century along Biscayne Boulevard. A peaceful place where you can feel the sweet serenity of the nearby sea wind, whether you choose to be seated in our air conditioned dining room or the charming patio lounge, the atmosphere is always upbeat and elegant.

Uvas is known for:
Our customers love our eggs benedict, vanilla pancakaes, and our famous brunch. Delicious appetizers such as fig costini, bruschetta, beef and sweet plantain empanadas, and an international cheese platter. Our menu includes a healthy vegetarian choice of salads such as baby mixed greens, Caesar, and our famous Uva salad. Our paninis include la minuta, la Milano and the Habanero. For the main course, we have our dish of the day such as the reknown mahi mahi with shrimp risotto, our saki marinated salmon filet with ponzu butter sauce, grilled churrasco with soft polenta, filet mignon with prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Our signature dessert line includes an organic mango cheese cake, flourless chocolate cake, and the old time favorite tres leches and a wide range of liquor, premium wines and exotic cocktails. Come and indulge yourself and discover and get trap in this explosion of flavors we have to offer.